In Trusten we believe in three core values that will set up your environment for a meaningful experience: Self-confidence, Games and Profound Learning.


Self-confidence is the very first step on the path of creating an engaging and meaningful playing experience. It all begins with ourselves. Big part of what kind of game player we are depends on how much we trust in our own present.

Students perceive the way we expose ourselves in the classroom and they will eventually start emulating what we do. So, this is an invitation to find our essense and share it with our learning companions.

It is not about stopping failiure, but rather about learning how to fail with style
— Trusten


Games are the way we represent who we are. By playing, we show our emotions, imagination and beliefs to others by creating a space where anything can be possible, and anything can be learned. They also teach boundaries and self-control as you have to find your way through the game, while following rules.

The most complicated grammatical and pragmatic forms of language appear first in play activity.
— (Bruner, 1993)

Profound Learning

Every single learning process is attached to an emotion. With no emotion, there is no significant learning. The word emotion in its origin means movement. Learn how to keep yourself and your classroom moving at the pace that is ideal for all of you. Your games will summon emotions and rich experiences that your students will love to remember.

Studies show that children being taught in a more playful manner often learn more academically than their peers who are being taught concepts directly. Students that play show less evidence of stress-induced hyperactivity, and are less likely to engage in delinquent acts.
— Howes and Byler (2005), Book Play = Learn